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Pilot Projects

The Pilot Projects funded through this center will address those critical earthquake science questions with strong social impact and community engagement plans. These Pilot Projects will establish mechanisms for increasing partnership and evaluation of the proposals. They will serve as case studies as we develop our strategic plan for out to structure the center. 

Image by Jens Aber

Pilot Project 1

Leads: Dr. Yolanda Lin, Dr. Elizabeth Vanacore, Dr. Surya Pachhai, and Dr. Kristine Pankow

Pilot Project 2

Leads: Dr. Susan Bilek, Dr. John Ebel, Dr. Steven Jaume, Dr. Alan Kafka, Dr. Zhigang Peng, and Dr. Conevery Bolton Valencius

Image by Anthony DELANOIX

Pilot Project 4

Leads: Dr. Aaron Velasco, Dr. Jeffrey Weidner, Dr. Jose Hurtado, Dr. Marianne Karplus, and Eric Jones

Pilot Project 5

Leads: Dr. Jeffrey Weidner, Dr. Aaron Velasco, and Dr. Marianne Karplus

Image by Anthony DELANOIX
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